Fitness First For Living A Healthy Life

By keeping yourself physically fit, your body learns to deal with the stresses of every day life.
The state of being physically fit is defined as your relative physical capacity to accomplish the tasks you are faced with on a daily basis. With age comes loss of muscle strength which means that without maintaining physical fitness, the loss of strength once we reach our golden years can be considerably debilitating to limit us from having a normal unassisted life.

Strength is vital to healthy aging and it can be improved dramatically with little effort. Your muscles regardless of your age, respond to exercise. The fact is you can get stronger through exercise even into your senior years. Because of the absence of physical demand in our daily lives, we must set our own goals for fitness. The fitter you are, the more capacity you have in reserve, and the easier the activities of daily living become.

By getting started sooner rather than later on a regular exercise routine you can reap the benefits of rejuvenating your body in less time than you think. Your efforts will make you stronger and help you stay balanced on your feet, less prone to fall and work as an adjuvant for bone strength as you age.

Do not allow your age to interfere with starting a few weight exercises to become fit and trim. Even if it won’t bring back your youthful body, regular resistance training can improve the muscle strength of anyone at any age and you will be happy with the way you’ll feel. Aside from toning your skin and feeling good, exercise also helps you relieve stress, combat depression and anxiety. It will increase your ability to concentrate and think faster, keep your heart healthy and lower your risk of heart disease. By increasing muscle mass and developing strong bones it will also help you to prevent injuries.

To fight the effects of aging, exercise is just as important as a balanced nutrition to keep your skin toned and give it that healthy glow.
A change in behavior maintained for a sufficient period of time will enhance one’s fitness. More importantly in today’s world, it will enhance your health and well being.

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